Anaheim HEAL Zone

Healthy Eating Active Living 

In January 2012, Activate Anaheim, a YMCA-led collaboration, received a $1 million grant from Kaiser Permanente to promote Healthy Eating and Active Living in Anaheim. The investment is part of Kaiser Permanente’s new three-year, more than $7 million HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) Zones initiative across Southern California.

Each of Kaiser Permanente’s funded HEAL Zones will focus on three specific goals over the next three years:

1. Decrease calorie consumption, especially sugar-sweetened beverages

2. Increase consumption of healthy food and beverages

3. Increase daily physical activity

Anaheim HEAL Zone healthy community initiatives, strategies, and policy changes are being implemented to help families who live, work and play, in the Anaheim HEAL Zone eat healthier and move more as part of daily life.

HEAL Zone Accomplishments

  • Removal of Flavored Milk

    Removal of flavored milk from HEAL Zone elementary schools and led to district-wide adoption of policy in all 24 Anaheim City School District schools.

  • Non-food rewards

    Anaheim City School District board approved Student Wellness policy improvements (including allowing only non-food rewards)

  • Parent-led recess program

    Padres en Accion Active recess program being implemented at Edison (second year) and Lincoln (first year) through participation and leadership of HEAL parents. Program engages students in steady physical activity during daytime school recess periods. Evaluation report shows kids are more active.

  • In-classroom fitness videos

    In-classroom physical activity videos implemented by classroom teachers. Five fitness videos were developed to help students gain the extra needed time for physical activity while in the classroom. Videos are being played by 16 teachers (6 Edison, 10 Lincoln).

  • Fab 5 After School

    Fab Five fitness program now in operation at three HEAL Zone schools during the Anaheim Achieves after-school program. YMCA staff were trained by school district staff and are focusing on giving students more opportunities for physical activity.

  • Anaheim officially a HEAL City

    Anaheim officially declared a Healthy Eating Active Living City. In Sep. 2013, the Anaheim City Council meeting passed a resolution to designate Anaheim as a HEAL City through League of California Cities and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. Anaheim is now one of 162 HEAL Cities across California

Javier Gonzalez, Healthy Communities Director

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