Esping Camp Endowment Fund

Camp. For All Generations.

The Alden & Linda Esping Camp Endowment Fund

Instilling values in youth has been a tradition at the Anaheim Family YMCA since its first Hi-Y Clubs in 1911 and its first camping season in the summer of 1924.

Today, more than nine decades after its first camp at Camp Osceola, the Y continues to bring the camp experience to more than 350 youth and teens each year.

Camp is a life-changing experience that deserves to be known by every child. In order to ensure the timeless gift of camp for all generations, we proudly announce the Alden & Linda Esping Endowment Fund.

Our goal is to raise $2 million over the next five years, which will create opportunities for more kids like never before. As the camp endowment grows, so will our ability to support young campers without the need for annual fundraising. The Alden & Linda Esping Camp Endowment Fund will ensure that YMCA Camp continues into perpetuity for those who truly need it. This is a secure fund. The principal will stay intact, and the interest alone will provide camperships and expanded camp leadership programming.

What’s Your Story?

What impact has YMCA camp had on your life? We’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to share your story with us — and inspire others in the process, or if you want more information how the Camp Endowment fund works, please fill out the form below.

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Alden & Linda Esping 

You can’t think of camp without thinking of Alden and Linda Esping. They have provided over 100 years of combined service to the community.

It is with honor and gratitude that we announce the Alden and Linda Esping Camp Endowment Fund. Thank you for honoring the Espings and the tradition of camp we hold so dear.


More Scholarships

Each year, there are many kids who simply cannot afford to go to camp. The Y is committed to providing camperships to those who need it thanks to the generous support of our donors. This Alden & Linda Esping Camp Endowment Fund will open new doors of opportunities for campers, today and in the future.

More Camp Opportunities

While the Y currently offers two resident camps each year, the endowment fund will allow us to engage a larger group of youth through an additional week of camp. This can help us grow from 380 to over 600 resident campers each year.

More Leadership

The Alden & Linda Esping Camp Endowment Fund will help the Y deliver new camp experiences in a safe enviroment beyond two weeks of summer. We can expand programming to weekends and school breaks. This is a wonderful way to engage kids and teens who may be afraid of a weeklong experience or simply want to stay connected. This will allow us to engage over 1,000 additional youth in year-round leadership clubs and camp experiences, all based on the foundation of Camp and Hi-Y Clubs.

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