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Volunteer Appreciation: Sara


How long have you been volunteering:  Over 3 years  with the Swim Program
Out of all the community organizations that offer volunteer opportunities, what attracted you to the Anaheim Family YMCA’s Swim Program?  I was in Anaheim Achieves all throughout elementary and so most of the activities I would participate in would be part of the YMCA. So when I was looking for somewhere to do my community hours, the YMCA was my first choice!
What is the most fulfilling part about being a volunteer? I think the most fulfilling thing about being a volunteer, is that I know that I’m helping out people in the community. It’s a good feeling.
What would you say to someone that may be interested in taking an active role and volunteer for the Anaheim Family YMCA? Well, for someone who would want to be part of this role, I would say that it’s a great experience. You meet new people, work with a lot of people and get an idea of how to be part of a working community. Everyone is great, always helpful and kind!

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