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Volunteer Appreciation: Ricardo


How long have you been volunteering? 7 years
Out of all the community organizations that offer volunteer opportunities, what attracted you to the Anaheim Family YMCA’s program? In High School, I was introduced to camp and attended Camp Fox. Knowing how much the Anaheim Achieves Program already made a positive impact in my life since I was in 1st grade, I gave it a chance and I loved it. It pushed me to do the best I could do and as a volunteer, it gave me an opportunity to give back share my time to help others.
What is the most fulfilling part about being a volunteer? Seeing the same camp faces come back every year and sharing stories with my camp family about previous years is always a highlight. Not only do I get to see my fellow camp leaders and staff evolve as amazing individuals, but I also get to see kids grow up in front of me and see how much camp has helped their lives.
What would you say to someone that may be interested in taking an active role and volunteer for the Anaheim Family YMCA? Take this chance to not only to make a difference in someone’s life, but your own as well. Camp gives you an opportunity to grow tremendously and shape you as a human being. I devote a lot of my life to the YMCA character pillars and the camp life that invited me to be more social and step out of the box. Creativity is crucial and camp is such a great place to highlight everyone’s creative sides.

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