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Numa Networks Donates Chromebooks to Anaheim Achieves Program

Numa Networks, a managed IT service provider headquartered in Orange, donated six Chromebooks to the Western High School location of Anaheim Family YMCA’s “Anaheim Achieves” program. This after-school program provides a safe space for students to study and complete assignments, inspire creativity, and stay active while socializing with peers.
In particular, completing homework at Anaheim Achieves is crucial to students who lack computers or internet access at home. With assignments moved to digital platforms such as Google Docs, students without access are left at a severe disadvantage.
An average of 120 students at Western participates in Anaheim Achieves during regular business hours (2:30-6:00 p.m. during school days). Often up to 20 students simultaneously request to borrow computers. Although Western provides a number of computers for students, the addition of six Chromebooks will help increase resources and efficiency.
“Thanks to the generosity of partners like Numa Networks, the Y is better able to fulfill its promise to help youth build 21st century skills,” said Debbie Jauch, YMCA VP of Programs. “These donated computers will help high school youth collaborate and thrive in both academics and future career paths.”
“Putting Chromebooks into the hands of those who can’t afford their own can open the doors to the exciting world of technology, which can sometimes be intimidating without the proper tools,” said Warren Hino, President of Numa Networks. “This access can lead young people into cutting-edge careers in tech and ultimately help narrow the widening income gap.”
Nathan Garcellano, a 12th grader who aspires to be a computer engineer, was thrilled upon learning about the additional Chromebooks: “You are saviors! We didn’t have enough computers to do our homework and work on projects after school. These will really help us get our work done.”

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