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Healthy Halloween Ideas for Kids and Families

To help families and children make healthy decisions this Halloween, we’ve put together fun and creative ideas to encourage healthy food options and fun physical activities.

The average American consumes 3.4 pounds of candy on Halloween.
Kids, on average, consume 3,500-7,000 calories on Halloween, equivalent to eating approximately six to twelve Big Macs!?
Not dishing out candy as part of your Halloween celebrations does not make you the food police that ended Halloween. It’s not about saying that kids shouldn’t or won’t trick-or-treat, but rather how at the Y we can celebrate without it.
Kids, staff and families are on their own individual health journeys and we want to ensure that when they are at the Y, it’s easy to stay on track.
Consider one of these ideas to replace handing out candy this Halloween:

  • Tattoos and stickers
  • Fake fangs and spider rings
  • Themed pens and pencils
  • Wikki sticks and glow sticks
  • Pop-up toys and bouncy balls
  • Flashlights to promote safety
  • Pedometers to challenge families to see who can get the most steps?

You can also help your family this Halloween at home with these three simple ideas:
Challenge each other to get the most steps this Halloween. Whether using pedometers, Fitbits or simply by encouraging added minutes throughout trick-or-treating experience, such as racing up driveways or activity stations at corners to move more together, every step counts.
Create a post Halloween plan. Encourage families to decide how long they will keep leftover candy in their house and what a daily or weekly consumption per day may be. Consider hosting a candy drop-off at your Y with other organizations to remove excess candy from households.
Support and model healthy habits. Handout nutritious or non-food related items. At a minimum, do not choose to handout the candy that is a favorite at your house, trust that you will receive plenty trick-or-treating.?
Thank you for modeling healthy habits and supporting all kids, staff and families on their health journey!

Written by: Lauren Marciszyn

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