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We’re always adapting to meet the needs of our community
As a 110-year-old nonprofit organization with deep roots in this community, we have the knowledge and experience to respond to social need, especially in times of crisis.

Despite the devastating effects of this pandemic, we stand strong, because COVID CAN’T STOP GOOD! From the minute we were told we couldn’t offer the services we had been providing for the past 110 years, we pivoted to what we COULD do in this uncertain environment. With the support of so many, and the incredible dedication of our staff we have persevered. Instead, of dwelling on despair, we have chosen to find hope and resilience. We choose to celebrate our ability to come together.

Here are a few things that the generosity of many, and the commitment of our dedicated staff, has been able to do over these past twelve months:
• Serve over 1.5 million meals so our neighbors didn’t go to sleep hungry
• Offer over 313,000 hours of mental, physical and emotional support through online learning, sports & performing arts classes and in-person support to neighborhoods & families in need
• Celebrate the grand opening of the first phase of our 3.8 acre community complex, which includes 6 soccer arenas, a large practice field, 2 smaller activity grass areas, restrooms and a memorial plaza. And, we left room for a community center and gymnasium which is currently in the design phase

As you know, the Anaheim Family YMCA isn’t a building. It’s people – people from all backgrounds and walks of life who come together to improve their lives, nurture their families and strengthen their community, together. Together, we address vital needs in our community; needs like school-readiness, safe spaces, improving health, and building positive connections.

We’re committed to ensuring all people have access to the resources and support they need to reach their full potential.

We hope the Annual Report will help you see all the good possible when we work together for others and in the weeks to come we will follow-up with you to learn more about the additional good we can do together. Because COVID CAN’T STOP GOOD!




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