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Building up Confidence

As a parent you want your children to feel safe and at the same time feel confident when they are in a pool.

So when we heard that the Magnolia School District was partnering up with the Salvation Army and the Anaheim Family YMCA to offer a swimming program we were happy!
This swim program, known as YES, was offered to students in the 3rd grade. For one week, my girls were bussed to the Salvation Army pool where YMCA lifeguards would conduct swim lessons. These lessons would happen in the middle of the school day. It’s a very unique program.
Gracie and Alexis had a wonderful experience learning new swim skills. They both knew how to swim well but with the YES program, they gained more knowledge. One of their favorite activities was holding onto a kickboard and learning how to kick the proper way.
My daughters love the YMCA staff. They are very patient and spent the necessary quality time to meet their unique needs so they can learn at their own pace. This builds up their CONFIDENCE!
Now my oldest is beginning to do the freestyle and my youngest is going underwater to retrieve “treasures.” I was a bit apprehensive on how they were going to feel going back to the classroom after swim lessons, but they said they felt energetic and ready to continue with their day at school. I was so impressed and thrilled with every aspect of this program and recommend it to parents.”
Adriana Perez, YMCA Parent

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