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Anaheim YMCA kids amazed by circus

In celebration of the Honda Center’s 20th anniversary, Ringling Bros. created a show-stopping experience for 40 kids from the Anaheim Family YMCA.
Featuring vintage costumes and show memorabilia, children had a sneak peek and met the performers of the all-new show Built To Amaze!
“Dancing with the clowns was so much fun and they made me laugh a lot,” said 10-year-old Ahmed Alhenn.” I felt like I was a part of the show.”
Ringling Bros. Ringmaster, Andre McClain, dedicated a one of a kind “custom built” Pachyderm painting to Honda Center COO Kevin Starkey, marking the twentieth anniversary of the Arena, followed by a surprise tour of Ringling’s animal area to “meet” the four-legged performers of the show.
“It was really cool to see the elephants and tigers,” said 10-year-old Vincent Gagliano. “Elephants need to eat lots of food and drink water all day. The tigers like to play with each other and they run really fast.”
YMCA Program Supervisor, Mayra Gomez expressed her gratitude for the private circus experience.
“At the Y, we are all about collaboration and providing life-changing experiences for our kids,” said Gomez. “Not only did they have a great time acting like clowns, but they also learned new things about the circus and animals. Their laughter is an example of all the amazing things that can happen when different organizations in the community come together with the purpose of giving back.”
At the closing ceremony, the children presented their individual artwork to Ringling Bros. of what they envisioned the circus would like in the future and received a voucher for the show.

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