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Anaheim mother of four, Sandra Carvajal, is our Champion Resident!

Kaiser Permanente (a funder of Anaheim HEAL) and Community Partners hosted a resident/youth leader event in Riverside over the weekend of December 7th, 2018. This event was an opportunity to celebrate our successes, learn with fellow youth and resident leaders, and continue building the HEAL movement with our partners and other champion communities. Each HEAL Zone (8 total) also had the opportunity to nominate champion resident and youth leaders from their areas; a leader that has exhibited strong leadership, unwavering community advocacy skills and an enthusiasm that helps build their community as healthy and active place to live.
Anaheim HEAL partner, Kid Healthy, nominated Sandra Carvajal, a mother of 4 from Edison Elementary School. Sandra is the parent coordinator for Edison’s Padres en Acción, an active recess program that helps engage students and parents during daytime recess at Edison. Sandra helps recruit, build the capacity and train parents to be strong leaders on campus and within their communities, by engaging them during recess time AND monthly workshop sessions, which include healthy shopping on a budget and how to be active at home.

Pictured in the first photo, Resident Leader Sandra Carvajal, along with Youth Resident Leader Adam Carney, from Lemon Grove.
The second photo shows the moms who also participate in Padres en Acción at both Lincoln and Edison schools, along with Kid Healthy director Kelsey Markland (in green) and Padres en Acción Coordinator Pamela Lares (to Kelsey’s right).
The final photo shows all residents and youth who came to the event, riding in a school bus for 2 ½ hours to attend in Riverside.

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