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Anaheim Achieves Success Story

Jorge Dominguez was in kindergarten when he started Anaheim Achieves back in 1999.
His family had just moved here from Peru and he didn’t speak a word of English. Jorge attended Anaheim Achieves at Lord Baden-Powell Elementary School with his older sister (pictured in green) and he remained in the program all the way through 6th grade. After high school, he attended college at Cal State Fullerton and worked as a group leader in Anaheim Achieves at Baden-Powell where his relationship with the program began. On Sunday May 22, Jorge Dominguez graduated with a BA in English. He is currently studying for the LSAT. Jorge’s younger sister (pictured below), also attended Anaheim Achieves at Lord Baden Powell from kindergarten through 6th grade and is currently finishing her freshman year at Walker High School.
The entire Dominguez family have been great advocates for our programs and are grateful for everything that the Y has done for their family and the strong relationships they have built that still remain today.

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