Year-Round YMCA Swim Lessons & Water Exercise Classes

In partnership with the City of La Palma

All year, the Anaheim Family YMCA offers morning water exercise/aerobics classes for adults and seniors and afternoon swim lessons at the La Palma Intercommunity Hospital indoor pool. During the summer, we also offer a wider variety of swim lessons at Kennedy High School.

At the Y, swim lessons save lives. Youth learn not only how to have fun learning to swim, they also gain lifelong confidence in and out of the water. Trained YMCA staff teach essential swimming and water safety skills to youth ages infant-17 years in a fun and positive environment. Adult classes allow participants to connect with caring instructors and peers while focusing on strength building, flexibility and aerobic exercise in a low-impact environment.

Swim Class Descriptions

  • Water Babies

    Ages 6 months to 3 years

    Classes are taught as a combined class with parent accompanying the child in the water. Skills are introduced at the child’s development level and build on each other as the child progresses. Parents learn basic teaching skills. (Adult required in water)

  • Pikes

    (Tots 1): Ages 3 to 5 years

    Orients preschool-aged children to the aquatic environment and helps them acquire rudimentary level aquatic skills. Teaches water entry & exit skills, underwater exploration, floating, glide, and combined water movement skills & water safety skills. (Participants grouped by ability)

  • Rays

    (Tots 2)

    Is designed for those that have already done Pikes previously and are more skilled and confident in the water.

  • Poliwog

    (Level 1): Ages 6 to 8 years

    Beginner level for those uncomfortable or inexperienced in the water. Teaches basic water skills including gliding with face in water, floating, and kicking.

  • Water Aerobics and Fitness


    Our water exercise classes are a fun way to use the resistance and buoyancy of water to condition your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. By employing strengthening exercises and stretching techniques, these water aerobics and fitness classes help to increase your body’s tone and range of motion.

    Water fitness is perfect if you’re looking for an enjoyable, low impact workout. The therapeutic nature of the warm water is ideal for all fitness levels, including non-swimmers, and anyone recovering from injuries.

    If you’re looking to challenge yourself without putting stress on your joints or just like being in the water, you’ll definitely enjoy our selection of water exercise classes. Our certified instructors enthusiastically lead small groups through water aerobics, core strength training movements and much more.


To register for swim classes at the La Palma Intercommunity Hospital Pool or Kennedy High School, please visit our partners at City of La Palma:

Online at

La Palma Community Center and Central Park
7821 Walker St., La Palma, CA  90623   Phone: (714) 690-3350

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

La Palma Intercommunity Indoor Hospital Pool

Kennedy High School 

Anaheim Pool Locations:

Water Safety:

Safety is our priority here at the Y. Please take a moment to review Water Safety Tips developed by our Swim Staff. We want you and your kids to be safe and have fun experiences whenever you are around the water.

Swim Attire:

Please read through our Swim Attire Policy prior to arriving to classes.

Swim Refund Policy:

Please contact City of La Palma with questions regarding refunds.

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