Togetherhood – YUSA’s Signature Program for Social Responsibility

Togetherhood invites families to come up with, lead and participate in volunteer service projects that benefit the communities where they live. It is designed to be a simple, fun and rewarding way for residents to identify ways that they can give back and support their neighbors through their own ideas, skills and energy, and the network of the Y.

We invite you to join us in our cause to strengthen our community by giving back.

The program is run through individual YMCA branches as a partnership between a committee of members and a Y Staff Advisor.

Program Requirements

The requirements of this signature program are:

  1. Residents lead the program as part of the Service Committee.
  2. The community (neighbors, partners, youth, the environment we share) is the beneficiary of member volunteer projects. Y programs are not the focus of Togetherhood projects.
  3. Run a minimum of four projects each year. Each of the four projects are designed to appeal to one of the following Y member groups:
    • Adult members ages 40-60
    • Young adult members ages 20-40
    • Families (with kids 5 and older to participate)
    • Unspecified group (Teens, Seniors, a specific group your Y wants to reach)
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